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Temple CISA

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Temple CISA located on the eponymous mountain hills in the Eastern part of Nanjing city. Translated from the Chinese language "CISA" means "refuge of the immortal", which indicates the ritual significance of the temple for the locals. The building was erected in 489 BC and today is a major Buddhist temple Nanjing. Over the centuries Zisa was restored many times and rebuilt, but the builders managed to keep the overall concept.

The skill of the architects of the past shows in every detail of the building, including the outbuildings, located on the territory of CISA. Gabled roof of grey tiles, red-and-yellow color scheme, plenty of tiers of beams and artfully crafted murals on the walls - all this suggests that the temple was built by all the canons of Buddhist architecture. Inside the Church at the present time you can still see numerous Buddha statues, and ritual implements.

The temple territory is surrounded by picturesque landscaped areas, but such places as "Caves of thousand Buddhas", which is very popular among tourists Nanjing. CISA plays a huge role in the cultural heritage of China and the government incorporated into the list of protected objects. Temple visit is possible daily, but you must carefully observe the rules.

It is worth noting that the historical past Zisa served as the basis for the creation of the film "Qixia Monastery of 1937", the main plot of which was devoted to the terrible Nanjing massacre.