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The ancient city of Anmay

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In the Western part of Nanning at a distance of 30 kilometres is one of the oldest cities in China under the name of Anmay, whose construction began in 960 and was completed in 1279 BC, During the reign of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the city developed rapidly in economic, political and commercial fields. As a result, Yanmei became the leading port on the river, Yongjiang.

Currently, the territory of the town is a small settlement area of 6.5 square kilometers. Every year in Anmay comes a significant number of tourists with the aim not only to get acquainted with the preserved architectural monuments, but also to relax from the cares of the world surrounded by amazing nature. Atmosphere complete privacy staying time of harmony and tranquility - all these can be felt to the full, visiting the ancient city.

The population of Anmay is about 5300 people living in accordance with old traditions and customs. In the city it is still possible to see the structure, built many centuries ago. All buildings are made of stone blocks of gray color, skillfully engraved Chinese characters that tell the history of Anmaa.

The main attraction of the city - a three-storey pavilion Guysin (1736 g) was externally similar to the great seal of the Emperor. Inside this building is a kind of Museum with original figures of the gods of science, made of valuable breeds of wood. It should be noted that most of the residents of Anmaa were specialists in the field of art and science.

Well-preserved architectural ensemble of the city are allowed to include it in the national catalogue of villages play a significant role in the development of cultural heritage of China.