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The Grand Prix Museum

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The Grand Prix Museum is unique since the leading concept of the Museum is closely connected with such an iconic event in the world of Motorsport like Grand Prix in Macau, which annually gathers a large number of fans of adrenaline and racing cars. The Museum opened its doors to visitors in 1993 and today its location - ground floor of the building, which is a "Center of tourism".

A large part of the composition dedicated to the autobiography and career of such famous racers like Takuma Sato, Michael Shumacher, David Culhane, Ayron Senna etc. On a large area of the Museum you can see a detailed layout of the Guia Circuit race track, the Cup winners in the race, the legendary race cars, motorcycles from different periods and other interesting exhibits reflecting the nature of motorsports. It is worth noting that the Grand Prix is a rare car Triumph TR2, owned by racing driver from Portugal, Eduardo de Carvalho. It is on this car in 1954, the athlete took the first place during the race in Macau. Also of interest to visitors is the two a vintage car: Astin "Prinncess" (1961) and the Ford model T (1915).

It is worth noting that the valuable exhibits have been collected through the efforts of leading Macau businessman Teddy Yip, who himself has repeatedly participated in the race. Creating the Museum, the entrepreneur wanted a way to pay tribute to the great athletes and to acquaint people with the history of motorsports. Today everybody can come to the Grand Prix absolutely for free.