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Museum of xinle ruins

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Museum of xinle ruins was opened to the public in 1984 and today is a unique collection of collections which reflect the culture and history of ancient civilizations, Single that existed in the Neolithic age on the territory of North-Eastern China. The first excavations carried out in 1973, were a direct proof that the first settlement of Single was erected near the Liaohe river, located in Liaoning province. Architects were found 40 well-preserved dwellings, as well as numerous stone tools, dishes, jewelry made of jade, bone and miniature wooden figurines.

In 1978 he carried out further work to find new artifacts. As a result, the experts have discovered an ancient totem, which has about 7000 years. Externally, the totem is a figure in the shape of the sacred bird ", Mudanya". This relic is the pride of the Museum and is included in the list of protected objects of China.

Geographically, the Museum is divided into Northern and southern parts. The first demonstrates the collection includes a variety of exhibits relating to the culture of Single, and in the second part we can see the reconstructed home of a civilization of people living in Liaoning province many centuries ago.

For the convenience of visitors, all exhibits have a sign with a description in English and Chinese. It is worth noting that the Museum has received formal international status of AAA, indicating that important sight not only in Chinese but also world culture.