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Lake Kukunor

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Lake kukunor translated from Chinese, Mongolian and Tibetan languages means "blue lake" which is considered the largest in Central Asia. Feature of Kukunor is that the lake is located at an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level in the Western part of Qinghai province and contains a large amount of concentrated natural salt. Around the lake there are spectacular ranges of Nanshan. The most convenient reference point for tourists wishing to visit the kukunor, is the city of Xining.

In the XVII century, most cartographers believed that the lake originates from the yellow river. However, later scientists proved that it had originated - undrained water education. The total area of this unique natural phenomenon is 4.2 thousand km2, length is 105 km and width reaches 60-65 miles. In kukunor flow such rivers as the Boo-Gol and Daotanghe. Therefore, for lakes characterized by periodic fluctuations in water level.

The representatives of Buddhism believe kukunor and its surroundings are sacred places from which you can endlessly draw natural energy. Especially popular among pilgrims stone Gunjur located in the coastal zone. According to local legends passing through a narrow gorge in the rock, will be rewarded with eternal life and cleansing of sin.

In the middle of a vast water surface, you can see several Islands: "island of the foal of the dragon" and "Island heart." These places are also shrouded in myths that once in the lake lived underwater snake LUMO, which gave the kukunor healing powers. Locals often gather "live" water and use it to cure many diseases.