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Lake Lugu Lake

Photos and description

In the area of jade dragon snow mountain, at an altitude of 2780 kilometers above sea level, lies beautiful lake lugu lake, located on the border of provinces Yunnan and Sichuan. The nearest town from the lake - Lijiang (220 km), from where tourists usually start their journey to the lake.

Lugu lake has repeatedly made the object of study of Chinese geographers and environmentalists, as the lake has retained its pristine nature due to the unique climate of the surrounding areas. Lugu lake depth varies from 45 to 90 meters. The water in the lake is so transparent that allows to see the depth of 12 meters. This is because water resources are constantly updated thanks to the right tributary of the river, Dacunha.

From all sides lugu lake is surrounded by picturesque mountains with dense vegetation on the slopes and on the lake you can see over 5 Islands, one of which is connected with the dam receding into the sea. The Northern part of the lugu lake is a mountain Gumushane, striking with its magnificence and power.

The best time to visit the lake is late spring and summer. In this period the nature of this unique place comes to life, and a favorable climate for a comfortable rest. It is worth noting that near the lake is home to a small nation moso, which have retained their traditional way of life. A small settlement moso scattered around the coast of the lugu lake, and the locals welcoming and friendly. Tourists often buy Souvenirs from moso, get acquainted with the lifestyle and traditional culture of Chinese villages.