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Pagoda Lotus

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Pagoda Lotus is one of the Central attractions of Guangzhou is located in Panyu. The pagoda was built during the reign of the Ming dynasty (1612) by decree of the great Emperor Wanli who wanted to bring to your project a combination of all natural elements with traditional architectural traditions of the time. Building height is fifty meters, which can accommodate nine floors, made of red brick.

Located on a high mountain in the coastal area of Pearl river, pagoda ancient times were not only an important architectural element of the city, but also served as a major landmark for the sailors who came to Guangzhou for the purpose of trafficking. Therefore, the pagoda is also known as the "Compass of Guangzhou". It is worth noting that during the construction of this attraction, the architects strictly followed the rules of Feng Shui, as evidenced by simply the direction of the walls of the building in accordance with the directions.

During the war with the Japanese invaders the structure was significantly destroyed and only in the end of XX century the efforts of the government of the city, the pagoda was reconstructed. Renovations and all reconstruction work was carried out on donations transferred from Hong Kong and Macau.

Currently, the pagoda of the Lotus is visited annually by more than 300 thousand tourists from all over the world, and in the local Museum you can see famous painting of the artist Daniela Thomas. It with amazing accuracy shows a pagoda and surrounded by beautiful nature. In the same Museum sold by numerous souvenir products dedicated to the pagoda of the Lotus.