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One of the major attractions in Hefei is the temple of Mintao, built between 502 and 507 BC. For many centuries the main building was repeatedly rebuilt and reconstructed, and then received the status of the oldest Buddhist temple. The structure reaches a height of 5 meters and impresses visitors with its rich decoration.

During the reign of the Han dynasty, Minsaw served not only religious, but also military function. It is from here, according to legend, went to the military exploits of the emperors. This is evidenced by the substantial collection of unique historical weapons, presented in the East room. Currently, the temple grounds is quite extensive and it contains a courtyard, consisting of space for Smoking bowls, spectacular scenery, and ancient pavilions.

The main hall, Minsaw is a Museum under the open sky, as here you can see a large variety of Buddha statues, among which are the five tallest monuments brought from Beijing. We should also mention the artifact such as a cast bell made during the reign of the Qing dynasty. To this day, the bell sounds heard throughout Hafey on important Buddhist holidays.

Today, the walls of the temple attracts not only pilgrims but also tourists wishing to learn more about get acquainted with the historical past of China. Minsaw included in the list of well-protected sites of China and is an integral part of the cultural heritage of China.