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City wall of Nanjing

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The former capital Nanjing China a few centuries ago was belted multi-kilometer wall, whose main function was to protect the city from foreign invaders. Grandiose construction of the wall height from 12 to 21 meters began in 1366 and finished only in 1386. Were involved in the construction of more than 200 thousand people, which testifies to the scale of the project.

For an extra level of defense around the wall, the builders erected a thick earthen mound. The inner space filled with numerous niches, which could shelter more than 20 soldiers at a time, and the rest of the place was occupied premises to store weapons and gutters. Also in the wall was made of 13 gates, serving for transportation in Nanjing particularly valuable cargo during the war. Initially, the length of construction was amazing and was about 34 thousand kilometers, which is rightfully allowed to call it the longest wall in China.

Up to the present time preserved in 19 kilometers of walls made of granite with a unique technology for the time. The space between the bricks prokatyvalis paste of limestone and Tung oil, giving the structure extra strength. It is worth noting that the wall was built in accordance with topographical features of the surroundings of Nanjing. Each site was carefully designed and pre-designed. For several centuries the wall has changed, however, so far, on this monumental construction is possible not only to trace the main features of Chinese traditional architecture, but also to objectively assess the greatness of China in ancient times.