/ / The Museum of modern Chinese history at the presidential Palace

The Museum of modern Chinese history at the presidential Palace

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Museum of recent Chinese history is located in Nanjing (near Jiangsu) and is located in the former presidential Palace, which changed many owners over the long history of its existence. In the period of the Ming dynasty, the building belonged to the governors, who came from Anhui and Jiangxi. During their reign, the Palace grounds have been considerably extended and became the residence for the leader who organized the Taiping rebellion.

After Nanjing was occupied by the Qing troops, the Museum was destroyed to the ground, and in its place erected a new residence, not inferior to the beauty of the previous one. Upon completion of the Xinhai revolution famous political leader sun Yat-sen moved the capital of China in Nanjing and the Museum building has become one of the most important in the city, because within its walls lived the leader of the Kuomintang. The final decision of the local authorities to make the residence Museum refers to 1980, when official opening.

Today the Museum is a vast space with multiple pavilions, designed in traditional Chinese style. In each pavilion you can see valuable exhibits relating to different periods of the history of China and particularly Nanjing. Visitors can learn about the exhibits, relax in the cozy Park and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The architectural complex of the Museum are linked by a system of water canals, bridges and stairs. At the entrance to the main building of the Museum hung the flag of Taiwan to sign about the complicated historical past of this place.