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Nine Pagoda Roofs

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Jinan is famous for its large number of attractions that were built at different periods of the history of China. One of them is a 13 metre high pagoda with Nine Roofs, different from its kind with its original roof. The construction of the pagoda refers to the VIII century and was carried out under the leadership of representatives of the Tang dynasty in the period from 742 to 756. Quality of the material the ancient craftsmen used brick plate, closely adjacent to each other. Thanks to this, the pagoda has survived to the present virtually unchanged.

The Foundation of the building is an octagon with equal sides that is considered one of the traditional features of Buddhist architecture. It is worth noting that all the walls are concave inward and creates an interesting visual effect. The building consists of one floor with a height of 5 meters, and the upper part of the pagoda is an interesting, from the point of view of design, the project, which includes 9 small pagoda with a height of about three meters and is located on the perimeter of the base. Each of the miniature pagodas surmounted by three-tiered roof and has a window opening.

The interior space occupied by a statue of the Buddha, which is considered one of the oldest in Jinan. On the walls of the pagoda you can see a variety of paintings that, according to popular tradition, was left by the monks who arrived in the capital of Shandong province with the purpose of propagating the Buddhist truths.

Currently, the pagoda is open for free visits and offers more detail to get acquainted with the heritage of traditional Chinese architecture.