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Park "219"

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Park "219" was built in memory of the liberation of Anshan 19 February 1948 from the Japanese invaders who occupied the city during the war. This event preserved the memento in the form of sculptures located in downtown and is considered a symbol of freedom of the Chinese nation. In the center of the monument, in the shape of a key, engraved detailed map of the city.

Currently, the Park is located in the Eastern part of Anshan is the largest in Liaoning province, as evidenced by a vast area of about 1.3 square kilometers. Attraction known for its artificial ponds, entertainment areas, modern installations, amusement rides, Jasper tower, pagodas, palaces, pavilions, exhibition galleries and a mountainous area with lush vegetation. The versatility of the Park is celebrated experts in the field of landscape design as the main advantage of this place.

Locals call the Park "the First treasure of China", as in one of its temples holds a unique statue of the jade Buddha weighing 260 tons, striking the visitors with its magnificence and originality. It is worth noting that the sculpture was listed in the Guinness book of records.

In the basic range of services for tourists included boating on the lake, excursions to the many attractions, leisure activities with children in an amusement Park show entertainment programme arranged in the evening hours, and climbing the mountain with amazing landscapes.