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Tianfu Square

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Tianfu square, which occupies more than 80 thousand square meters, is one of the largest in China and was built in the likeness of the famous Tiananmen square, located in the capital of China. Tianfu is not only a business card of Chengdu, but also cultural, historical and traffic center of the city.

The history of the square is rooted in the distant past, when her place was located in a small town Emperor of the Qing dynasty. As a rule, this part of the city was used for exams, but after the establishment of PRC, the cultural revolution period, all the buildings in the Central area of Chengdu city was destroyed, after which the government decided on the construction of a special building in which were held exhibitions of various themes. Also in the area of the square was a monument dedicated to Mao Zedong, preserved to this day.

At the end of XX century Tianfu was significantly enhanced through the construction of new facilities and beautification of some areas which were planted with trees, floral arrangements and made the bench for the rest of the townspeople and fountains. Further, the infrastructure area was actively developed. So, in 2007 there was built one of the largest metro stations, built shopping and business centers, as well as restored old part of the square.

In the evening hours the area is illuminated by colorful lights, turn on the fountains, and all around you can see numerous locals and tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful views Tanhu and walk around the town.