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Temple Of Azure Clouds

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Temple of Azure Clouds is located near the North gate Xiangshan, the Beijing Park. A Church was built in the 14th century and became famous thanks to the beautiful ancient sculptures, unique view of the surroundings and the room Luohan. The main building of the Temple of Azure Clouds, built in 1748, and all the old buildings up to modern day has not been preserved.

From the inner court of the monastery grounds you can get to the Hall of Heavenly Kings, where the figure of Milefo of bronze. This piece was cast during the reign of the Emperor of the Ming dynasty. The figure depicts the Buddha matreya in one of the most common in China images. This image has a prototype - monk Ki si, who lived in the 10th century and shortly before his death was recognized the incarnation of the Buddha.

Temple yard has been redesigned and currently there is an exhibition which is dedicated to sun Yat-sen, one of the founders of the Chinese state. Sun Yat-sen died in 1925 and his body lay in the Temple of Azure Clouds until, until there was built a mausoleum.

On the Western side of the temple is the "Hall of five Hundred Immortals" - a large bright room. The number 500 has a subtle connection with Indian mythology, and the word "immortal" (or "luohan") used to be one of the first disciples of the Buddha, and later the spread of the faith.

In this room the figures of students placed vividly and individually, since, unlike the Buddha, they have not yet reached Nirvana. Figures are not stylized and are not deeply pensive poses, as "teacher." All the "luohan" made of wood and lined in full human growth in a huge hall in the form of a cross. Figures there are not 500 and 508, as to the disciples and added more figures of the gods and the monk Cigana. This monk, according to Chinese legend, the late construction of the Temple of Azure Clouds and he doesn't have enough space. That is why he is depicted in a reduced form on one of the ceiling beams.

On the hill above the temple is Qinggang, Baocuo, that is the Pagoda of the Golden Throne. It is very similar to the stupa of Bodh Gaya in India - the place where Gautama entered the state of Nirvana. Square platform over the entire surface lined with bas-reliefs depicting Buddha. This platform is also four small and one large pagoda. It is believed that the Foundation of the pagoda walled clothing sun Yat-sen.