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Church. Lazarus

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On one of the squares Macau is the oldest Church of St. Lazarus, established in 1570 with the aim of holding religious activities that were aimed at healing the lepers. Along with the primary function of the Church served as a place of pilgrimage, service of the main Bishop of the city. Over the years of its existence, the building almost collapsed and lost attractive appearance. So at the end of the XIX century, the leadership of Macau has been allocated a large sum of money to rebuild the Shrine. The builders managed to bring to life the idea of creating a classical version of the Church, while maintaining the historical integrity of the structure.

The new face of the Church is still considered a model of traditional Catholic architecture, as evidenced by the sleek facades of white stone, arched door and window openings, small balconies with carved railings, and the cross crowning the roof of the building.

Later the Church was given the status of Cathedral, after which the building housed the local centre of leisure and creativity of youth of Macao. Such an unusual decision of local authorities was due to the active support of a vocational culture and the development of Handicrafts in the city.

Currently, the Church is considered to be one of the major attractions of Macau, as amazes tourists with its grandiose architecture and is a true national heritage of China. Around the building, the net area with numerous flower beds and green spaces. The Church is open for visits every day, but to go inside only with the permission of the Director of the center.