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The Grottoes Of Binglin

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Grottos of Bingling (brother Wu) is quite difficult to visit the cave, which is located 70 kilometers from Lanzhou. To get to the attractions using local guides who for a small fee offers you to make a attractive journey through the river to Binging. The total area of the cave is about 900 square kilometres and astonishes the tourists.

The name of caves translated from the Tibetan language means "the cave of the thousand Buddhas", which is quite justified, since in this vast area is 700 statues of deities made of stone, and about 80 statues made of clay. This unique cave complex was gradually created in the V century and throughout the rest of the time replenished with new exhibits. Historians have divided the caves into three interrelated parts: Crevice caves, Upper temple and Lower temple. In each of the parts can be seen a gigantic figure of Buddha, carved from solid stone. Most deities are in a sitting position, however there is also a horizontal statue. The monumental Buddha statue reaches a height of 27 meters, allowing you to appreciate the skill of Chinese sculptors from different eras.

Individual attention, numerous murals that reflect the history of Buddhism and its active development during the reign of the yuan dynasty. Distinctive features of Bingling is the presence of additional caves with niches in which are kept the statues of Buddha and a large number of small stone figures. This attraction is included in the list of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of China and strictly protected by the state.