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Luoyang Museum of ancient tombs

Photos and description

Luoyang Museum of ancient tombs is a unique Museum, which was the first of its kind in the territory of China. Set in the suburbs of Luoyang, and, apart from the main building in the Museum complex also includes the pavilion with the necessary information concerning the most important archaeological finds.

In the main building of the Museum tourists can see reproduced as accurately as possible the tomb each specific era, starting from the Han Empire until the song dynasty.

Expositions showing the ancient tombs are a collection of clay figurines that were found near the coffins, and utensils with drink and food. In this case the figures represent the deceased's servants, concubines, guards, Pets and guardian spirits. Each figurine is detailed by professionals. According to the beliefs of the ancient Chinese, these tiny figures in the world alive again and served the ruler as it was during his lifetime.

Moving through the corridors of the Museum of ancient tombs, one can note the evolution of the style of the tombs. For example, to the Tang dynasty, it was typical to cover the figurine polychrome glaze, which allowed them to keep to the present day the original brightness of colors. But towards the end of the Tang dynasty figures began to make more primitive, and then they disappear altogether from the burial tradition. But they are replaced by colorful murals.

All works presented in the Museum is elaborately made by workers of the Museum copy, which is fully consistent with the original findings. The originals can be seen in the specially designated rooms of the Museum behind glass cases.