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Museum of natural history

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Museum of natural history, located in Chongqing, is the largest Museum in Jilin province specializing in the exhibitions dedicated to the world of flora and fauna. History of attractions has its roots in the beginning of XX century, when on the basis of another provincial Museum began to expand hall showing exhibits of nature. In the future, the city authorities decided to invest a large sum in the erection of a separate building. Construction ended in 1987, and then gradually the basic concept of the Museum is development, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the natural heritage of the country.

The extensive area has a significant number of exhibition halls, divided according to subject matter. The main exhibition consists of a collection of remains of ancient animals, fossilized parts of skeletons, preserved evidence of prehistoric animal life, etc. Each exhibit is contained in a special glass block that maintained an optimal temperature and humidity.

In the other exhibition halls you can see a large collection of exhibits related to such areas of scientific knowledge as Zoology, biology, paleontology, etc. deserve special attention of the exhibition was developed by Museum staff for the purpose of school age.

On the basis of the Museum regularly hosts a variety of research aimed at studying the characteristics of flora and fauna that emerged in China centuries ago.