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Park Wizzy

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Park Wizzy is considered a key attraction in Guilin and is a unique complex, aimed at showcasing the best examples of contemporary art. The construction of the Park began in 1998 on the initiative of an entrepreneur from Taiwan Chang Tsao, who has invested heavily in the project with the aim of realization of their longstanding dream.

On the area of 530 hectares Chang Tsao managed to connect recreational, natural and cultural areas, the United original concept. Construction project, Wizzy designed for 30 years and now fully implemented in the first phase, comprising the construction of an International sculpture Park whose elements are styled residential buildings, an art salon, a theatre in the open area and a makeshift village. It is worth noting that in the sculpture Park you can see several exhibits but also to participate in master classes on making products from clay.

The second phase of construction involves the construction of a complex of artificial caves which will house the gallery of art of different topics.

Feature of Wizzy is that visitors have a unique opportunity as close as possible to get closer to art through tours and familiarization with the specificity of architectural styles in all countries.

The Park annually hosts exhibitions of international scope, which brings together a sculptors from around the world. In 2003, Wizzy was included in the list of tourist attractions grade AAAA, which testifies to the high cultural importance of this historical object.