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The waterfall at the East station

Photos and description

Guangzhou is famous for its large number of attractions, among which is the waterfall located on the Eastern station, near Tianhe district. Waterfall feature is its unusual design, which was created by a team of the best specialists in the field of contemporary design.

The height of the waterfall is about 90 meters, and the streams rush down from a height of 8 meters, creating an amazing visual effect. The Central part is a circle, the perimeter of which has small fountains. In the evening of the day the falls illuminated with colored lights thanks to the unique system of illumination, brought from the capital of China. Purple, blue, cyan and yellow follow each other, resembling a light show. With the sound of traditional Chinese music and classical works.

Daily to the waterfall receives many local residents and tourists wishing to stay in a quiet environment and enjoy the amazing spectacle. About attractions located area with comfortable Seating areas and cosy restaurants, which offer national dishes. Once a month near the waterfall set the stage for conducting cultural events, entertainment programs, concerts and shows of various themes.

Excursion to the waterfall at the East station, as a rule, not included in all tourist programs, but this place is worth a visit because of its originality and visual appeal.