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The tombs of the Tangut kings

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The tombs of the Tangut kings is a unique memorial complex, located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Yinchuan and is the most well-preserved burial in China. The total area of the mausoleums is about 50 square kilometers, which indicates the significance of the people buried in these places.

It is worth noting that the Yinchuan many centuries ago was the capital of the ancient Tangut Kingdom in which dynasty si-SIA (Western Xia). After numerous wars against the Mongol invaders, the Emperor decided to move the capital. In the process of infighting killed many members of the Imperial family, so already at that time began to build the first tombs outside the city.

Today the complex consists of 9 tombs of emperors and some 140 graves close to the rulers of the people and 207 tombs of relatives of the Royal dynasty. The mausoleums not only attract tourists from different corners of the world, but treasure hunters. In this regard, the government of Yinchuan has made the decision to include the tomb in the list of protected objects. Still in the territory of graves periodically conducted archaeological excavations, which are now found artifacts and relics that date back centuries. All the most valuable exhibits are immediately sent to a local Museum.

The mausoleums of Western Xia tombs of the kings can be reached by rental car or use the services of tour guides, who know all the details of the history of this attraction.