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Olympic stadium Guangdong province

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Olympic stadium the Guangdong located in Guangzhou, is the main sports facility of the city and was built in 1998. The initiative for the construction of the stadium belongs to the local government and was timed to the IX Spartakiad of the peoples of China, which took place in 2001. Moreover, during the Olympics, the structure was to serve as the main stadium for the competition, but later this idea was rejected because in Beijing a large number of sports facilities of this kind.

The design project was developed with the involvement of the famous architect from America ellerbee Becket, which laid the basis for his concept the idea of the city name having the value "city of flowers", so the roof was constructed in the form of petals of blooming flower. Inside the stadium is equipped with modern equipment that meets international standards, allowing the football matches of the highest level. While arena has a capacity of about 80 000 spectators and coverage field has an excellent moisture resistant qualities.

To date, the Olympic stadium, Guangdong is included in the list of attractions in Guangzhou, as it has a specific cultural and historical value. Everyone can not only attend sports events organized in the stadium, but also to learn more about the original design. During the period, free from the matches, the stadium becomes a popular place for sports activities of local residents.