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The Metropolitan Museum

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Beijing capital Museum gives you the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Beijing. The exhibits in this Museum show the modern image of the city that pleases its residents with the latest developments in architecture and urban planning.

The Museum was opened in the fall of 1981, but the current building was built just a few years ago, at the end of 2006. The building is a venue with a modern infrastructure. The whole complex covers an area of 600 square meters. The Museum has 5 floors above and 1 underground floor.

The original architecture of the building, unusual shape, lined with bricks wall as a mounted part, bronze, melted into the walls, a canopy and other beautiful items to show you how great the fusion of past with the present, the history and present work of man with the beauty and harmony of nature.

The Museum has several hundred thousand different items, among them there are products made of jade, stone, bone, bamboo and bronze. Also in the special sections of the ceramics, coins and paintings, printing and embroidery, Buddha statues, calligraphic works, writing instruments and elements of popular culture. Among these instances are very rare, very expensive and valuable items, which received worldwide acclaim.

Each hall of the Museum is responsible for his subjects. There is a hall with the culture and history of ancient Beijing hall which shows the history and development stages of urban development, as well as the hall that showcases the customs and manners of Beijingers. The Museum has 7 halls, where the ornaments of jade and bronze, executed during the reign of the Imperial dynasty Yang. Also in these halls of exhibits of calligraphy, articles of fine porcelain, paintings and relics of Buddhism. In addition, periodically, the Museum opens the room in which temporary exhibitions.

All collected in the Museum exhibits on the history and culture of the city of Beijing covers the period 460 000 years from ancient times to modern days. In order to pass through the Museum and see all takes a lot of hours.