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Hot springs, Tangency

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Hot springs, Tangency was found in Anshan for more than 1000 years ago, after which this unique natural phenomenon is actively used by locals and tourists for health purposes. Historical evidence suggests that the sources was often visited by the representatives of the different dynasties and noted high curative effect. At the same time, Emperor PU Yi was founded near Tangency your "dragon Palace", and the warlord Zhang Tsolin established a base of rest "the Dragon spring".

In 1950, around the source was built the eponymous resort, specializing in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as arthritis, spondylitis, rheumatism and psoriasis. High quality water is provided by a considerable content of potassium, phosphorus, radon, sulfate, sodium, chlorine, magnesium and sulfur that are beneficial to all body systems.

Currently, the resort actively operate several branches, offering its patients a range of treatments based on the traditions of Chinese folk medicine has preserved age-old methods of treatment. The most popular among them are burns, wrap with mineral mud, contrast baths, acupuncture and hot spring baths. Special attention is given Spa included in the set of sources, Tangency and considered one of the best in China.

A visit to the hot springs and resort - a great way to combine recreation and exploring amazing monuments of architecture of China, as tourists are conducted periodically guided tours to the sights of Anshan.