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Fort Gaia

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Fort island is situated at the monastery of Lazarus in Macau, at the highest point of the island. It was built in the early 17th century and today is listed as a world Heritage site by UNESCO.

The Fort was built in 1622 and its main purpose was the protection of the monastery from the Dutch. Since the Fort is built on the highest point in Macau, in this place it was decided to build a signal beacon, made in the European style. It was the first such lighthouse on the coast of China.

In order to see the castle and the surrounding area from the top, you can climb to the top of the lighthouse on the iron spiral staircase. At the height of 91 meters from the ground level is an observation deck and a flashlight whose light is visible to ships 30 miles.

Inside the fortress there is a small chapel built in 1622, in which there are survivors from vandals murals and painted ceiling with images of angels. Most of the murals depict Chinese mythological and religious motifs.

At the Maritime Museum, located below, you can see the paraffin lamp, one of the first models that were used by the Chinese before the advent of electricity.

To get to the fortress from the Flower garden, taking advantage of the transport. Road to the mountain passes in the most picturesque places with a great panoramic view of the mountains.