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The bamboo temple

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In the Eastern Chinese city of Kunming is a magnificent Bamboo temple (Tungusy), a masterpiece of architectural thought during the reign of the yuan dynasty. Construction Tungusy began in 639 in the future the building was significantly reconstructed only at the beginning of the XV century. The temple is known all over China thanks to a collection of clay Arhats, which is a 500 statues of Buddha's disciples. To create this complex at the end of the XIX century, Sichuan was specially invited famous masters, who have made sculptures in the expression of the entire spectrum of human emotion.

The bamboo temple built of durable wood and decorated with architectural elements of yellow, red, blue and white, which is typical for the construction of a traditional Buddhist structures. Around the temple view visitors offers picturesque scenery: the base of the Yuanshan mountain, old trees and a pristine lake. The Church decorated with flower arrangements, bridges of white stone and many statues of animals and birds (dragons, cranes, tigers). Among them special interest is a large sculpture of a rhinoceros, which embodies the wisdom and inner strength.

In different parts of the temple complex are such unique works of art as a plaque of stone engraved with the decree of the Emperor of China, and also one of the biggest in China statues of Buddha. Peaceful atmosphere, fantastic nature, the availability of historical sights - the main reasons why every year over half a million tourists visit the Bamboo temple.