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The Ganden Monastery

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The Ganden monastery is among the three most famous monasteries, the walls of which actively spread religious ideas of one of the famous Buddhist schools geluk ("Yellow sect"). The name of the monastery relates directly to the history of Buddhism, tells that the word "Ganden" was originally translated from Tibetan as Sanskrit "Tushita", and this word served to designate the most ancient abode of the Buddha Maitreya.

The date of the founding of Ganden is considered 1409, the year when the legendary preacher of Buddhism by je Tsongkhapa decided to build a monastery on the site where you can indulge in quiet meditation and spiritual practices. The place for construction was chosen in 36 kilometers from Lhasa, with Jae Tsonkapa was important was the location of the temple on a mountain top Wangbar at an altitude of about 4700 feet above sea level. This fact is inextricably linked with the tradition that the disciples of Jae Zonkapa wanted to support his religious mentor and encouraged him to build a monastery. Teacher for a long time prayed to the Buddha Sangamon, after which he was served a sign pointing to the future location of the Shrine.

Before the construction of Ganden Jae Zonkapa arrived together with the student Gendun Druba (the first Dalai Lama) in the neighborhood of the mountains Angbor and his followers gradually began to implement a large-scale project. A year later the main buildings were completed and the monastery eventually became a stronghold for Buddhists who came from all over China.

Today on the territory of Ganden buried the remains of the great preacher, founded two tantric College, which trained monks.