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The Museum of Hebei province

Photos and description

The Hebei provincial Museum was built in 1953, and in 1982 the main building was moved from Baoding to Shijiazhuang, where the attraction is still there. The construction of the Museum was developed in accordance with the style of the colonnaded House of the people, which allowed architects to create, on the one hand, monumental and minimalist building, and on the other, to connect the solemnity with external modesty.

Currently, large areas of 20 000 square meters contains a unique artifacts, carefully collected by the Museum for many years. In the main pavilions of the "Hebei a new period of history, Hebei Ancient" and "Mysterious Kingdom, the state of Zhongshan of the Warring States era" you can see samples of porcelain and jade during the reign of dynasties of sun and yuan, silk products, ancient calligraphy, paintings, embroidered with gold thread, etc.

In other rooms presents an exhibition showcasing the archaeological finds found during the excavation of the Imperial tombs, the artifacts that survived the anti-Japanese war, the art objects, antique weapons, clothing, and other valuable relics that tell about the historical past of Hebei province.

All halls are equipped with modern equipment that allows to conduct tours using the multimedia screen and holographic images, is able to demonstrate the specificity of each of the exhibits. After visiting the Museum, tourists tend to purchase original products in small shops located in the lobby.