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The Tianjin Museum

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The Tianjin Museum is located in Hexi district and today considered a building in which architecture embodies bold ideas of modern designers and the genuine spirit of antiquity. Initially, the construction concept was based on the Association of the Museum of fine arts and history Museum in one. This required the development of a project involving a large area to host the rich collection of the Museum. As a result, the builders managed to cope with a difficult task and create a four-storey building that looks like a flying Swan. Laconic lines, the effect of weightlessness, the austerity of the interior are the main characteristics of the original building. While on the area of 35 thousand square meters was equipped spacious rooms with the use of innovative technologies. This allowed the Museum staff to expand the themes of the tours to show the history of China in the new format.

The Museum's collections include more than 200 thousand relics belonging to different periods of the formation of the Chinese Empire. It is particularly popular among visitors facilities are considered "Historic hall", "Hall of curiosities" and "Jade hall", which traditionally presents made of precious metals, household items of ancient settlements, an ancient dwelling documents and scrolls, specimens of the seals of the Ming dynasty, coins, etc.

In the lobby of the Museum you can buy Souvenirs, to see more trips and also get more info about future exhibitions.