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Longji terraced fields

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Longji terraced fields - it is made of natural attractions, located 80 kilometers from Guilin. The total area of terraced fields - more than 60 square kilometers. In form they resemble a staircase with numerous steps free of the geometry of the surrounding mountains from their foot (300 m) to the summit (1100 m above the sea coast).

Are terraced fields on slopes at an angle of on average about 26-35 degrees. Maximum angle of the slope reaches 50 degrees. The horizontal and vertical extent of Chinese terraces of approximately 3 kilometers.

Device and irrigation this method allows local farmers with the maximum benefit to use even the tiniest areas suitable for cultivation. This is especially true when there is no possibility of watering the land - even enough scarce water supply.

The development of the Longji terraces began more than six years ago, during the reign of yuan dynasty and the end got his in the reign of another dynasty, the Qing. The appeal of this natural attraction lies in the fact that depending on the time of year travelers can see a unique landscape.

The area of the largest field does not exceed 1/15 of a hectare, and most of the terraces fit only one or two rows of crops. In view of this fact there is a saying - to hide a field uniform rain coat.

In the area of fields Longji individuals of such ethnic groups as the Yao and Zhuang. Here still live the ancient national customs, which apply to clothing, music and dancing.