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The Jinci Temple

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The Jinci temple is a complex of a Park and architectural complex, located in Taiyuan. This attraction is part of almost all tourist programs, and is at a distance of 25 kilometers in the South-Western part of Taiyuan, close to mountains, Suanluang.

At the beginning of its existence, the Jinci was called Tensolite, as it was erected in honour of a great Prince Tang Shu-Wie, whose reign belongs to the year 1000 BC. Historical evidence suggests that the Prince was actively developed agriculture around the river / that served as the main source for irrigation of land. Son of Shu-Wie was an ardent Buddhist and worshipped the water element, so he decided after his father's death to rename the Tang dynasty to the Jin in accordance with the name of the river. For this reason, the temple was later renamed in Jinci.

Visitors usually begin their tour with a visit to the beautiful square located at the entrance. On the square you can see a large number of canals and arched bridges, made by all the canons of architecture. The temple is guarded by the eternal iron knights installed in 1097. Especially popular among tourists for its centuries-old cypress Zhou, pavilion, dedicated to the Mother Goddess, Shanmugan, Mirrored terrace, which during the Ming dynasty was a mini-theatre and suspension bridge. Inside the Jinci still preserved unique Antiques and artifacts of the Buddhist world.