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House-Museum of the writer Lu Xun

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The addresses in Shaoxing, first of all, try to get into the memorial Museum, located in the district of Wecan, with the aim to further explore the biography and works of the great Chinese writer and revolutionary Lu Xun. The works of this famous personality has had a significant impact on the development and establishment of modern literature China.

The Museum opened its doors to visitors in 1973 and currently represents a major complex on the territory of which is located the family estate of the family of Zhou, the construction of the 19th century, where temporarily lived writer, middle school, Shaoxing, garden, hotel, monuments, and temples. The structure of the complex consists of homely at first glance buildings connected by a shared courtyard. However, this style was typical in the construction family estates of the early XX century.

Each of the buildings presented in the Museum, interesting in its own way, as it keeps a collection dedicated to the life and work of Lu Xun. So, in the HOMESTEAD you can see the interior, personal belongings of the writer, diaries, first editions of his works, portraits, etc. and in the courtyard of the visitors, usually are photographed on the background of beautiful nature and enjoy a stroll through the garden.

It is worth noting that the Museum complex in 1988 was recognized as a specially protected object of China and is under the protection of the state. In 1997, the Museum was named one of the model centers of Patriotic education, after which it was frequently visited by such leaders of the PRC Zhu Rongji, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Hu Jintao and others.