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West pagoda

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West pagoda is an integral part of the ancient architectural complex in Kunming, more than 10 centuries. The construction of the pagoda belongs to the era of the Tang dynasty and began in 824 ad along with the construction of the Eastern pagoda. The idea of the Emperor, the twin pagodas were to become one of the most biggest Buddhist sights.

To date, the Western pagoda has survived in virtually perfect condition and represents the image of a traditional Chinese art. Eleven floors are separated by wooden bases, which perform the function of roofs on each of the tiers. Within each floor the window openings, which offer a picturesque view of the city. A cone-shaped structure is a tribute to the traditional architecture of the Tang dynasty. From the point of view of Buddhism, the roof of the pagoda was supposed to aspire to heaven, which symbolized the close relationship between the human world and the heavenly deities.

Currently, the West pagoda is considered one of the main attractions of Kunming. The area around the buildings are decorated with green recreational areas where locals spend time at the tea party, games and quiet conversations. For visitors the doors of the pagoda open daily, allowing you to learn more about the traditional architecture of China and to enjoy the picturesque views of the city. Near the pagoda, you can see numerous souvenir shops where tourists tend to purchase Souvenirs to remember the visit to this ancient monument.