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The sea organ

Photos and description

Sea organ in Zadar is located near the port. It is part of the waterfront, but it is easily recognizable by cascade are the “surface profile” that is made in order to expand the nature of the sound.

Stone stairs leading down to the water, extend about 70 meters along the coast. The sea organ is the sound system of the 35 polyethylene pipes of different lengths and diameters, located at different angles. The pipe is fixed under the stairway of the embankment, and the outlet openings of the sound output directly on the sidewalk.

The power of seawater pushes air through these pipes, which causes the unusual combination of sounds of different length and strength. Overall, it resembles the sound of many wind instruments.

To predict the character of the sound is difficult, because the waves are constantly changing the direction, strength, and size. The body is configured so that each of its pipes gives the sound a particular tone. Thus creating countless musical variations, the author of which are air and sea water.

This place has become very popular among citizens and tourists thanks to the unique sound of harmony, it is great for watching the sea landscape, unhurried conversation, meditation, etc.

This tool was built by architect Nikola BA? I? with the help of several experts. The architect chose this beach for a wonderful view of the sea. In the evenings, going to a large number wishing to enjoy the sunsets of incredible beauty.

It is interesting that initially, the aim was not to attract tourists, the authorities of Zadar wanted to restore the shore, which was badly damaged during the Second world war. For a long time the coast was in a dilapidated state in recent decades, even was surrounded by a concrete wall. Currently, it has become one of the brightest and revered by travelers of attractions in this small Croatian city.