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Malinska is a small tourist town on the shore of the beautiful Bay in the North-Western part of the island of Krk. It is a quiet and peaceful area, completely protected from the wind.

Malinska has gained its importance in the 18th century when there was built the port, one of the most important exporting ports on the island. A turning point in the development of the city was the arrival of the ship, which docked in Malinska in 1866. This was the first appearance of a steamer on the island, he sailed from Rijeka to Trieste. But massively the guests began to arrive only after 1880. They were mostly tourists heading for holidays in Opatija.

After was discovered and appreciated by the local natural beauty, it was decided that there are excellent conditions for medical tourism. Due to this, in 1885 in Malinska visited the heir to the Austrian throne, Prince Rudolph. His visit became a great advertisement for the future of the resort so spectacular that in the early 20th century, frequented by numerous visitors from the Royal families. The Vienna press called the Malinska the pearl among the Islands of the Kvarner Bay. Today, tourism in Malinska continues the tradition of the early 20th century.

This famous tourist centre renowned for its historical sites which testify to its long and turbulent history. Lovers of Antiques can visit the tower of the Church of St. appolinariya, built in 1618, and the ruins of the Benedictine Church and convent of 11-12 centuries. Near the small village of Porat, nearby, is the Church of St. Mary Magdalene and the Franciscan convent from the early 16th-century Gothic building, rebuilt two hundred years later in the Baroque style.

In the summer a lot of tourists and participants gather for the holidays, which are regularly held in Malinska - St. appolinariya (celebration of the patron Saint, celebrated on 23 July), Malischewsky night in late July, Meliskerke cultural summer (15 June -15 September), and the Kvarner regatta in September. Lovers of the sea attract numerous sandy and pebble beaches, as well as small covert coves for those who do not like crowds.

Being in Malinska you can go to other cities nearby, for example, in ancient Krk, which is only thirteen miles away, Opatija, or the port town of Rijeka.