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Greeting To The Sun

Photos and description

The Sun salutation light installation, located in one of the ports of Zadar, near the Sea organ. From the port, offers a magnificent view of the Harbor, Islands and stunning sunsets which are famous in Zadar.

Thanks to sound and light installations in the port of Zadar became a real gem for tourists from around the world. The installation "greeting to the Sun" consists of three hundred multilayer glass plates, capable of accumulating energy from the Sun. Plate fixed on a circle with a diameter of 22 meters. Large and small circles represent a model of the Solar system.

Chrome ring surrounding the panel of photovoltaic modules caused the names of the saints of Zadar. Labels next to the names indicate the angle of declination of the sun in the birthday of the Saint. This system reproduces invented in Zadar in the XIII century calendar. Advice on astronomy project author Nikola bašić received from the expert Dr. Maxim Clare, Professor of the Maritime school of Zadar.

Accumulated over the day solar energy with the approach of twilight begins to emit a glow that combined with the sunset light produces an incredible impression on all those present at this moment on the beach.