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The Temple Of Jupiter

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The temple of Jupiter in split - Roman temple dedicated to the chief God of the ancient Romans, Jupiter. The temple is part of Diocletian's Palace and is recognized as a world heritage site because it is one of the few Roman temples, well preserved not only externally but also internally (in particular, preserved coffered interiors). The temple is situated in the Western part of the Palace near the Peristyle (near the Central square and the Imperial complex).

The temple was built in the late third century, simultaneously with the Palace of Diocletian. At the entrance to the temple is one of the twelve sphinxes, brought to Egypt by the Emperor Diocletian. Part of the temple was left unfinished because of the sudden abdication of Emperor from the throne.

In the Middle ages, the Church was rebuilt in the baptistery of St. John the Baptist. In the 11th and 12th centuries, the Church has a bell tower was erected, similar to the bell tower at the Notre-Dame Church in the West split.

On one of the marble slabs of the temple remained later engraved the names of Croatian king Zvonimir. Inside the temple are two sarcophagus, in which are buried the archbishops of split, Ivan II (X century) and Lawrence (1099). Also in the Church is preserved a large statue of John the Baptist, is made of bronze - work the sculpture of Ivan Mestrovic.