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Vrbnik is undoubtedly one of the most famous Croatian towns. So it has become popular due to its role in spreading the Glagolitic alphabet, as well as the famous song "Vrbnik above the sea".

Like other cities-castles on the island, Vrbnik is situated high, fifty meters above the sea, on a cliff that goes vertically into the water. Along with the awl positioned in the area of Dobrinj, Vrbnik is the largest town in the East of the island of Krk. For the first time in written sources the town is mentioned in the year 1100. The people of Vrbnik, mostly farmers, sailors and fishermen.

In the town there are many historical and architectural monuments. Church of St John the Baptist, who is the patron Saint of Vrbnik was built in 1323. Near the Church is an old cemetery. Near the chapel of St. Anthony of Padua and the chapel of St. Martin, the Gothic chapel of the Holy rosary. Collection of ancient manuscripts and Glagolitic documents housed in the parish Church of the assumption.

Vrbnik is often called the cradle of Croatian literacy. Here was born the Blessed Bromic - founder of the first Croatian printing, the print texts in Glagolitic. The town square is the city's largest building, the purpose of which was changed several times. It housed the school and met local community. In recent years, on the last floor there is a family library Vitezica. It was founded in the late 19th century a doctor of law and Dinko Vitezica, who was also the sole representative of the Istrian Croats in the Imperial Council in Vienna. Brother Dinko - Bishop Ivan Vitezic - also joined the collection of his books. Several valuable books stored there until now, for example, Atlas Kohler, printed in 1718 in Nuremberg. The second copy is in Cambridge. At the bottom of the library is an old printing machine. Also here is the ethnographic collection, which includes traditional costumes and everyday objects of ancient vrbnica.

In Vrbnik annually since 2004, are the Days of wine. The last weekend of August there are going to wine makers and lovers of this ancient beverage. Here you can not only buy local wine and wine from other regions of Croatia, but also to visit the exhibition of winemaking equipment, go to lectures, come in for a tasting.

Vrbnik is a very friendly town with quiet narrow streets, and it is quite natural that the narrowest street in the world is there.