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Marine Park

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Marine Park is the oldest city Park in the Pool. It was built in 1863. The marine Park was planned as the first city Park in Poole and is made in the style that was prevalent in the second half of the XIX century.

The Park is decorated with exotic plants, surrounded by paths, but special emphasis is placed on the Central monument of Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian. Composition of the Park was completed fountains located on both sides of the monument, but before our time the fountains have not reached their area of the Playground.

Marine Park is in its original size, in contrast to the many parks of the period. The changes affected only the number and diversity of plants, because not all exotic plants have successfully adapted to local climatic conditions. Many of them had to be replaced with simpler plants of more adapted domesticated species. The Park area is 12000 sq. m., and 4700 sq. m are paths, the rest of the space is occupied by plants.

Marine Park Pool was originally called Maximilian (in honor of Ferdinand Maximilian), and it was built as a public Park. The penalty column was built by architect Heinrich von Ferstel. It was decorated boats, and on the peak stood a statue of the goddess Victoria made of bronze.

The first tree seedlings were brought by the Austrian naval officers. I must say that the seedlings were brought from all over the world. Despite the fact that plants prior to that, nurtured in completely different conditions, many of them managed to adapt. Among the plants of the Park took a special place cypress, Lebanese cedar, Californian pine, Magnolia, mahogany, etc.

During its existence, the Park has lost many species of plants and buildings on the site, so it was decided to reconstruct the Park, bring it to its original state. Were provided with benches, electric lights, fencing. In addition to Finance, it took a lot of work and effort on the part of professionals who were involved in this project. Motivation for renewal is its 150th anniversary, the celebration of which is planned for 2013.

Currently, the Park is one of the most popular attractions in Pula and attracts many tourists. There are outdoor concerts, presentations of different projects. For citizens, this Park - a favorite vacation spot.