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National Park Plitvice lakes

Photos and description

In the North-West, Dinaric in the Eastern Face is a unique work of nature the largest national Park in Croatia Plitvice lakes.

The most important attraction of the Park, whose main task is to protect the unique landscape, natural vegetation and geological formations, is a cascade of 16 scenic karst lakes in the headwaters of the Korana river, connected by 92 waterfalls. Located ladder lake, steps which form the barriers of limestone tufa, are considered to be the real treasure of Croatia.

But the lake is not all sights of the national Park, an important component of which are the caves in the amount of 36 pieces, most famous among which Golubnjaca and Mracna where you can see the sinter-architectural ornaments, as well as to get acquainted with the specific cave fauna of insects, crustaceans and bats.

In the Park, footpaths and bridges across the lakes you can cross on a ferry, and a special train will help to shorten the path and give rest the tired feet of travelers.