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The Aqueduct Of Diocletian

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The aqueduct of Diocletian is located at the entrance to the city of Split. It was built during the Roman Empire to supply water to Diocletian's Palace. The length of the aqueduct is 9 kilometers long and links river Core with Diocletian's Palace.

The aqueduct was built during the reign of Diocletian (late 3rd to the beginning of the 4th century). The difference between the heights of the endpoints of the aqueduct is 33 meters. River Core proceeded a few kilometers North-West from the Palace, the water of it is delivered directly to the Palace, and to the next settlements.

Currently, the aqueduct is preserved only partially. The least destroyed left a fragment of the aqueduct near the town of Solin. Its length is 180 meters and a height of almost 17 meters.

The aqueduct was badly damaged during the invasion is ready (mid 6th century), then it has not been used for 13 centuries. The first restoration was held at the initiative of the mayor of the city of split in 1877-1880. it Happened under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The aqueduct ceased to be used in 1932 when in the area built the first water station Copilco. Currently, the aqueduct again rekonstruiruet with the aim of preserving this unique monument of architecture.