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The historic Krk bridge

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Krcki bridge since 1980, connects Krk with the mainland. It is a magnificent road bridge, which is a feat of engineering and one of the attractions of the island.

The locals called their island Krk "gold" and "green." It is at one and the same time, far from everyday life and is closely linked with other parts of Croatia. In addition to the bridge, the island reported regular ferry connections with the island of Cres (Valbiska-Merag), Slave island (Baska-Lopar).

There was a theory that in the middle ages there was already a bridge, presumably of wood, connecting Krk with the mainland. But with a deep study of the issue, it was a failure. The first concrete ideas on the construction of the bridge appeared in the early 20th century after the First world war. In Vienna, the company "Wagner Biro," even created a project of a steel bridge, but it was never implemented due to the difficult economic situation.

In the mid-20th century, the idea of building a bridge revived. In 1960-e years have begun to conduct research proposed several types of bridges and the construction of a tunnel under the sea. In the end, chose the project of the arch bridge over the island of St. Mark in Belgrade architect Elijah Stojadinovic and his associates Wakana Nagula and Bojana Moina.

The construction of the bridge began in July 1976 under the auspices of Josip Broz Tito, President of Yugoslavia. After four years of construction, the bridge was completed and officially opened on 19th July 1980.

The bridge still has no analogues in Europe. It is located 8 kilometres from the centre of Crikvenica, and 25 kilometers from Opatija. The length of the Krk bridge almost half a kilometer, the maximum height of 67 meters. The water depth under the bridge is 60 meters. In the first 20 years after the construction of the bridge crossed by 27 million vehicles. In a typical summer day, the bridge crosses over 28,000 vehicles.

The bridge connects the mainland and the island of Krk via the tiny island of St. Mark. Driving over the bridge between the Islands of Krk and Saint Mark's, you can see the beautiful Bay with very clean turquoise water. At the entrance of the island of Krk, the right of the bridge is an observation deck and Parking, with a magnificent view on Opatija and Rijeka, Riekki Bay and the magnificent mount Učka.