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The Island Of Lokrum

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Lokrum island is located near the Croatian city of Dubrovnik in the Adriatic sea. Geographically, it belongs to the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Some sources attribute Lokrum to the Elaphite Islands.

For the first time in written sources, the island is mentioned in 1023 year. That year was founded the Abbey and Benedictine monastery. The island received its name from the monks, there to cultivate exotic plants, the fruits of which were not very tasty. The word "acrumen", meaning sour fruit transformed into "Lokrum". The last monks left the island in 1798.

Lokrum island has a permanent message to Dubrovnik due to its proximity to it: the distance between them is only 700 meters. The island area is small and is approximately 0,694 sq km and the coastline length is equal to 5 km 58 hours to Reach the island from Dubrovnik is just 10 minutes by private water taxi or public transport, which runs between the island of Lokrum and the mainland every hour.

Though the size of the island and small, it is a small lake called Dead. Lokrum island attracts tourists with its superb sandy beaches.

One local legend has it that a shipwrecked king Richard the Lionheart in 1192 landed on the island of Lokrum. The fame of the island adds to the fact that here spent their holidays, the future Mexican Emperor, Archduke Maximillian of Habsburg. Since visiting the island Habsburg on Lokrume sohranilsya Botanical garden, which is home to several peacock families, and Benedictine monastery.

Another tourists attraction is Fort Napoleon. It was built in 1806, at a time when the French captured Dalmatia. On Lokrume you can also see an ancient well.