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Peristyle courtyard, an integral part of most residential and public buildings of antiquity, and is an integral part of the Greco-Roman home. In Roman architecture a peristyle is an open space, usually a garden, a courtyard area surrounded on all side by a covered colonnade. The term is known from the 4th century BC In a rural area of wealthy Romans around the house, planted terraces, and in the city - has created a garden inside the house. Peristyle meant outdoor garden created inside the house. Columns or pillars surrounding the garden supported a shady covered porch, inner walls of which were often decorated with wall paintings. In this garden was usually flowers, shrubs, fountains, benches, sculptures and even fish ponds. The Romans identified under the peristyle much as space permitted. The ancient Romans, the peristyle was the headquarters of intimate life.

The peristyle of Diocletian's Palace is an impressive area with red granite pillars and may truly be called the heart of the Diocletian's Palace. Here are the Cathedral of SV. The domian, which is built on the site of the former mausoleum of Diocletian. Also from the area steps lead to the Northern entrance of the Palace of the Emperor, and the entrance is a narrow alley that leads to the Temple of Jupiter.

The lobby of the Palace was designed to impress. The hole in the ceiling was once covered with a dome, and the ceiling was decorated with frescoes. Phonics is perfect for the fulfillment of a harmonious choir that often performed here with singers.

In the square on warm evenings, visitors will find a cafe with live music.