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Paklenica national Park

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Paklenica national Park is located 46 kilometers North from Zadar. It is located in the southern part of the Velebit mountain, the. It is the highest mountain point in Croatia.

The ridge of Velebit begins from the Adriatic coast. The array length is about 145 miles, its width about 25 km. The peak of the ridge, which is the highest point on the territory of Croatia, the mountain Vaganski, it reaches a height of about 1758 meters.

Park Paklenica can be divided into two parts: Big and Small Paklenica. The length is about 14 kilometers, the second - 12. Both canyons bizarre are part of the Velebit mountain, the.

In the Park a lot of the deepest gorges (up to 400 metres), they appeared in the result of ancient geological processes and erosion. The Park is rich in diversity of fauna and flora. On its territory there are quite a rare species of reptiles, birds and insects.

Local climbers have chosen the rock Anica cook, reaching a height of 437 meters. In General, in the Park a lot of Hiking trails, which can be interesting as for experienced climbers and beginners. Tourists will also be interesting to visit a local cave Manita peć, which is located a kilometer from Anita cook. Accompany many experienced and knowledgeable about the history of these ground conductors. The depth of the cave reaches about 500 meters, but, for security reasons, tourists have access only to the plot of 175 meters. Overall, on the territory of the Paklenica area is located about 70 caves.

After the political conflict between Tito and Stalin in 1949, the Park was constructed the bunker, it is located at a depth of 250 meters under one of the hills of Velebit. Now the bunker rebuild and want to make a Museum object. One of the projects of reconstruction of the bunker is the conversion of it into an art gallery.

Another natural attraction of the Park is the river Zrmanja, which flows in the South-East of the Park.