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The gates of Hercules

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Hercules gate is located in the heart of Pula's old town and are part of the city walls.

Many say that the gates do not look as impressive as other ancient monuments of Pula, it often happens that passers-by don't even notice the gate of Hercules, because they quite naturally fit into the city walls. But nevertheless, they are one of the few surviving monuments from antiquity in the area.

The gates of Hercules are one of the oldest monuments of Roman architecture in Pula, they were built during the late antiquity. Gates vary in width of 3.6 meters and a height of over 4 meters. The gate is made of stone blocks. In the Central part preserved relief depicting Heracles (Hercules) is a powerful man with a beard, curly hair and a club in his hands.

There is a perception that the image of Hercules was the symbol of the city, and the gates themselves were constructed of III-II centuries BC the Original name of the settlement - Colony of Julius Pollentia, Herculanea.

During the Roman Empire Hercules was the patron Saint of Pula. After the fall of Nazakia approximately in the forties BC in this area the Romans had a temporary military station.