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The Euphrasian Basilica

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The Euphrasian Basilica can be called truly exquisite temple building, which was built in poreč Bishop Eurasiam. The building was built in the sixth century on the site of the remaining ruins of the old Basilica were used some parts of it.

The style of the Euphrasian Basilica can be called a mixture of European and Byzantine architecture schools. The greatest historical and aesthetic value of this building is a beautiful Byzantine mosaic with images of virgin Mary, the Christ child and the patrons of the city of poreč. The latter will include the archdeacon Claudius, and his son eufrasia, and Bishop Euphrasia, in whose hands the model of the Basilica, and the Holy Maurus. It is worth noting the colorful image of the whole complex. As for the people and the angels, located on two sides of the virgin Mary - they really do look like moving paintings.

The earthquake that occurred in the mid-fifteenth century led to the collapse of part of the Basilica. For many years it was badly damaged, and only in the XVIII century it was restored.

Due to the unique features of the system Euphrasian Basilica, is often carried out various musical concerts. In addition, all guests of the Church are seeking to climb the bell tower from here eyes with the amazing beauty of the views of Porec.