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Omišalj is one of many parts of the world where a vacation can be truly memorable. Quiet and very well kept town on the 90-meter hill, the Central part of which is almost a maze of narrow streets and dead ends. The oldest part of Omišalj is attractive for its architecture of the old houses, which roofs covered with red tiles and ancient churches. The streets of the town lead to the Plaza where there is a Venetian loggia of the 17th century, the Church of St. Helena that stores copies of Glagolitic inscriptions, the Romanesque 13th century Church of St. Mary with a dome, bell tower, choir loft and 16th-century triptych of the 15th century work, Jacobello del Fiore.

On the outskirts of town, facing the Bay and Park is located Dubec. It consists of conifers and evergreen trees and shrubs planted before the Second World war. The Park was founded in 1925. Dubec distinguish paths with a total length of about a kilometer, forming the uneven terraces. They are connected by stairs, some of which reach three hundred meters. Out of the Park with great views of the sea.

At the Northern tip of the island in the vicinity of Omišalj is woszczyce the lighthouse, which was erected in 1875. This building has a total area of 140 square meters, also there is a warehouse, storage for boats and a pier. The lighthouse receives energy by solar module. Now it is fully automated and works on the remote control.

Near Omišalj, just two kilometers away, in the town of Myrina are the ruins of Fulfinum - ancient Roman city, which was erected in the first century of our era. Here you can see the remains of a Christian Basilica Dating from the 5th century. However, omišalj, founded in the 3rd century, is one of the oldest settlements of the island of Krk, and in the past it was an important center of literacy and Glagolitic alphabet. In the 15th century by the Frankopan family, the princes of the island of Krk - the castle was built - one of the four island castles of this family.