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The Palace of the Emperor Diocletian

Photos and description

In the III century the Roman Emperor Diocletian built on the coast of the great fortress area of more than 4500 square meters. Here the Emperor spent his last years of life. 300 years later behind the high walls sought protection from the attacks of the Avars and Slavs, the inhabitants Salons (formerly Split).

A large part of the Palace eventually collapsed, has preserved the main entrance, the Golden gate, St. Martin's Church, Bronze and Iron gate, and the Peristyle (colonnade surrounding the Palace). Under Diocletian in the Peristyle were arranged the various festivities and ceremonies, and now during the festivals, there are theatrical performances.

In the cellars of the Sea gate you can see the arches of the walls of stone blocks and brown bricks, resting on square columns. These premises are now chosen by the sellers local Souvenirs.

In the North-Eastern part of Diocletian's Palace is the Palace of Papalia, built in the mid XV century by Juraj Dalmatinac. It Papalii known humanists of his time, were the first to collect local antiquities. Thus arose the civic Museum with very interesting exposition.