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Arch Of Sergius

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Arch of the Sergii is an ancient Roman triumphal arch in Pula, built between 29 and 27 BC It was created in honor of the brothers of the Sergii, whose family at that time had a special impact on this earth. The arch was built in honor of the victory, which the brothers Sergiev won in a naval battle.

In the Western part of the arch made of stone ornaments, images of vines, mythical creatures and chariots pulled by horses. Often called acre Golden gate. It is decorated in late Hellenistic style, with some influences of Oriental arts. The arch looks great and it is not surprising that many artists (including the great Michelangelo) captured it in their works. The drawing of Michelangelo is now kept in a French Museum (in the city of Lille).

Arch mounted on large stone blocks, they are the Foundation and extend to the bottom of the structure. They installed a vertical plate, decorated with pilasters. The pilasters facing the city, decorated with stone flower ornament. The inner walls of the arch is decorated with ornaments depicting the stems of the vines that grow from the leaf of the acanthus, located at the base of the arch. The Central plate is decorated with the image of angels with spread wings who are fighting with the snake. The external border of the arch is covered with images of dolphins, sphinxes and griffins.

Currently, a small area in front of the arch often becomes the venue for cultural events and festivals in Pula.